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Moments of Possibility
MiscMary A. Gagnon

Moments of possibility, we tend to think of what could be as a future goal, something that is still out of reach. What if what could be was right now?

Darkness Will Not Stop Me
Business and LifeRalph Twombly

We can all feel the unrest, dissatisfaction and disassociation and it seems to be a topic everyone wants to talk about. There is however an unwritten moral to the story if we choose to write it.

The Law of Attraction
Organizational CultureDeb Sparrow

Positive people seem to attract other positive people and create a kind of energy that others want to be around. Those with a more negative outlook seem to attract others who are looking to share complaints.

2015…What a Year of Learning, Growing, and Resilience!
Business and LifeLorraine Twombly

This month seems like a good month to write about the last year, 2015. There surely have been some changes...

Taking Stock
Business and LifeDeb Sparrow

What's better on a dreary mid-December day, as the year draws to a holiday-packed close, than looking back and taking stock of the previous twelve months?

Eat To Live Or Live To Eat
miscRalph Twombly

Is it money that motivates people to work or is it something else?

Pursuit of Happiness
The WorkplaceDeb Sparrow

The pursuit of happiness in the workplace: Is it the employer who bears responsibility for the happiness of the employee, or is happiness a choice that employees have to make for themselves?

Social Media for Small Businesses on a Budget
MiscMike McKeen

These days online marketing is incredibly complex and it can be difficult to know exactly where to spend your marketing dollar and how much. Here is how to do it on a budget.

Practice Breathing
The WorkplaceRalph Twombly

Levels of patience seem to be down and levels of open hostility seem to be up, could there a cosmic reason for this behavior?

How to Move an Organization
Organizational CultureDeb Sparrow

move an organization, inspire, motivate

Bring a Gift
Business ManagementDeb Sparrow

When things don't go as planned, what do you do? Sometimes it's best to adjust to the change and bring a gift.

MBTI Insights
Business ManagementStacy Rodenberger

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the most popular and useful tools we use here at Priority Learning. A little understanding can go a long way to creating a healthy and successful work culture.

Dial Me Up Scotty! A Brief Reflection on the Short Life of the Internet
Business and LifeMilly Welsh

Let's look back at the internet! Doesn't it seems crazy that a technology that's been main stream for less than 25 years has completely transformed the world?

The Power of Belief
LeadershipRalph Twombly

What a leader does is the translation of what the leader believes, people who firmly ingrain a core belief system, good or bad, live and lead to those ingrained beliefs.