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Who We Are and What We Offer

When we launched Priority Learning in 1995, we created a training and consulting firm to help organizations deal with the challenges of change, leadership, culture and strategy in the workplace.

While many executives have an expertise with their products and services, oftentimes the achievements they strive for eludes them. In many cases, they put their emphasis on "company" goals and not on inspiring the "individuals" who do the work. To help correct this ineffective approach to management, we provide customized, state of the art, in-house and public workshops for an organization's top leaders, managers, supervisors and team leaders.

From our office in the greater Portland, Maine area, we offer 12 programs that help new and established organizations throughout the United States. You'll learn new leadership methods and techniques, gain confidence and save money. Once you've completed our personalized training and coaching programs, you can expect improvements in teamwork, in morale, in innovation and in profits.

To find out how Priority Learning can help you, make this candid assessment. Does your organization:

  • Struggle to motivate your staff to focus on their job.
  • Waste time on the wrong priorities.
  • Miss opportunities for growth because of confusing messages.
  • Lose money by not retaining customers or finding new markets.
  • Get frustrated about how to acquire personal leadership skills.
  • Have a critical turnover of key personnel.

The good news is we can help you redirect your valuable resources. For details contact Lorraine Twombly at 207-653-2552