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Executive Leaders Series

The Executive Leaders Series is designed for top level managers and leaders who want to maximize their potential and the strengths of their organizations through their leadership. Consisting of twelve half-day workshops, each session will feature the latest trend to focus on  by us as well as a forum presented by leaders who sign up to share their experiences with the top leaders who attend these sessions. These sessions will be half days from 9 to 1 and lunch will be provided.

We are creating an environment for top leaders to keep up with latest trends for successful outcomes in their businesses and organizations. Entrepreneurs and senior level leaders  are welcome. 

Here're some trends that we will focus on...

  • Why the latest leadership trends?

  • Importance of staying up to date

  • Employee retention and motivation ideas for 2024

  • Working with empathy can gain so much more than you think

  • Developing your EQ as a leader is crucial

  • Being a compassionate leader takes courage

  • Bringing wellness and health to your organization

  • Latest strategic ideas to accommodate the new work of work

  • Focus on equality and diversity in the workshop for the younger generations

  • Crisis management along with a strong resilient organization are the most successful

  • Change, always change, but a necessary to be successful constant

  • Create innovation and creativity to gain a legacy of great inclusion

  • Many more that will come from the participants themselves

For more infromation contact Lorraine Twombly


Upcoming Workshop Dates:

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