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Priority Learning Newsletter April 2023

Published: 2023-04-13 09:20:13

Update From Priority Learning!

Our 7-day Associate POP Series starting next week is full and we can’t wait to spend time with these new leaders. We do have another series set up in the fall and please click here for the new series dates. People of potential for leadership are welcome!!

May 24th starts the next 7-day Direct Managers Series, and we have eight seats available. Leaders who need tools to help guide their staff, teams, and members are welcome!! Click here for the series dates or to sign-up.

Soon, we will be posting information about our latest EQi Leadership 8-day Series (working on the title) that we will be starting in June. We will keep you posted.

In September, we will be starting a series called The Magic Behind the Curtin 12-day Cultural Series (one day per month, like most of our workshop days in a series) that will be guided by Ralph’s new cultural book. We are creating a field book to go with the actual book that everyone will receive. More to come…


Ralph's New Book "The Magic Behind the Curtain" is Available Now!

In his second book focused on culture, Ralph Twombly pulls back the curtain to reveal the magic that has transformed struggling companies into vibrant, motivating and fun places to work.

He show how to make the best use of 6 pillars that support culture - Leadership, Measurement, Steering, Charter, Feedback and Task Team.

The exciting concept he describes have revolutionized how businesses inspire everyone in the organization to contribure to the company's success.

When you discover The Magic Behind the Curtain, it's like traveling along the "Yellow Brick Road" to an enchanting place where everyone benefits - in particular, your customers.

Start your journey to build a dynamic Culture with the ideas you'll find in The Magic Behind the Curtain.

Ralph Twombly has helped organizations deal with the challenge of culture, leadership and the changes in the workplace for over 30 years. He brings his expertise in "The Magic Behind the Curtain" as an important resource for personal and business development.

Click here to learn more or to purchase the book.