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Priority Learning Newsletter December 2023

Published: 2023-12-04 15:11:44

New Guest Article on Priority Learning!

Introducing Eric Poirier, Owner of Poirier Capital Investment Group Inc. Eric also chairs the Maine State Credit Union’s Board of Directors. Welcome Eric and thank you for your contribution to our library of articles! We will be posting more articles in the weeks to come. Enjoy!

Entrepreneurship and Credit Unions: A Millennial Roadmap

At the crossroads of innovation and community, millennial entrepreneurs are pioneering a transformative approach to business. With credit unions as their allies, the potential for monumental change becomes profound. Let’s uncover the magic that ensues when the vigor of millennial entrepreneurship meets the support of credit unions.

Finance that Fits Your Hustle

Every dream has a price tag, and while passion is priceless, the financial side of things can't be overlooked. Enter credit unions, whose member-centric DNA means they're continuously adapting to serve the needs of budding entrepreneurs. Instead of one-size-fits-all loan packages, they deliver bespoke financial solutions resonating with startups' unique aspirations and challenges. They don’t just fund dreams; they nurture them.

Local Vibes, Global Goals

While the allure of global markets is undeniable, understanding local nuances is a game-changer. Credit unions, firmly rooted within their communities, provide not just transactional services but a treasure trove of insights. They bring awareness of local market trends, emerging consumer patterns, and even regulatory nuances – invaluable intel for entrepreneurs eyeing local and global success.

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Eric Poirier
Poirier Capital Investment Group Inc