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Priority Learning Newsletter March 19th 2024

Published: 2024-03-19 15:32:00

Mindfulness as a Way of Life

These last few years have been simultaneously exciting and troubling. I am constantly battling the need to know everything that’s going on in the world and reminding myself not to take everything that I see and hear to a place of fear and anxiety.

I’ve been taking an eight-part Mindfulness course from because my mind is a buzz with work, home, family, friends, and state of our country and world stuff. I’m learning quite a bit about Mindfulness, which means living in the present moment, being more aware moment to moment while fully engaged in one’s surroundings – with intention and acceptance but without judgment.

How do we listen, see, and experience things with intention and without judgment? It doesn’t matter which side of the issues we prefer; mindfulness seems to be the answer. We’re taught at an early age to think for ourselves, get a good education, find meaningful work, and create a happy life. In my experience as a child, there were no courses about being mindful of what we’re thinking and doing. We were taught the difference between right and wrong, but I don’t remember anyone mentioning to be present in the moment, or don’t judge or assume what you see and hear - get to know the situation, then make the decision.

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Lorraine Twombly
Priority Learning

The Strategic Pursuit of Purpose: Aligning Mission with Organizational Excellence

Have you ever paused amidst a bustling workday to question the 'why' behind your tasks? Welcome to the forefront of modern business thinking, where it's not solely about technological leaps or strategic masterstrokes. It's about a deeper alignment, a quest that resonates with those who view work as more than just a title on a business card. Explore with me this paradigm shift, where today's professionals seek to integrate their core values with their career trajectories seamlessly. Are you intrigued by the potential of such alignment in the corporate world? Let's explore this narrative further.

The Strategic Advantage of Purpose

The purpose is not merely a motivational catchphrase; it's a strategic asset that can significantly influence organizational outcomes.

Financial Returns vs. Purposeful Impact: While financial incentives remain vital, their impact on employee motivation can be transient. How often have organizations seen the temporary effects of a monetary bonus compared to the lasting impact of purpose-driven initiatives? The latter offers a sustainable model for employee engagement and satisfaction.

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Eric Poirier
Poirier Capital Investment Group Inc

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