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Follow The Leader
leadershipDeb Sparrow

Some people have natural leadership ability and others can develop that ability with the right attitude and effort.

Journey of a Thousand Miles
Business and LifeDeb Sparrow

My recent trip reminded me of the many roads and wrong turns that we've all experienced on our professional journeys.

Hope Faith Belief and Support (The Spirit Side of Humans) Part 1
Business and LifeNormand Dubreuil

Have you ever had the wind knocked out of you with devastating news? How did you recover? Here is my story.

Priorities - The New Economy and Back to Basics
Business ManagementRalph Twombly

Sometimes we are so involved in doing the work we forget to look ahead and anticipate the next hope or challenge.

Tips for Revitalizing the Excitement and Energy at Work
The WorkplaceJodi Flynn

Jodi Flynn shares tips on how to get excited about our jobs again when the honeymoon is over.

Leading While Introverted
leadershipDeb Sparrow

In our extrovert-centered world, those of us who are introverted are often misunderstood and uninterested in high-level leadership opportunities that require constant interaction.

Why It Is More Important To Give More Than You Get
Business ManagementRalph Twombly

Many people see their jobs as simply a means to an end. The amount of time I am taken aside and asked if I could help them look at career options is higher than you may think.

Taking The Fear Out Of Feedback
Workplace IssuesLorraine Twombly

There have been lots of discussions about giving (and not giving) feedback. For some of us, it's relatively easy to just say what needs to be said. For more of us, there's a certain amount of fear about just saying what needs to be said.

The Meaning of Leaning
Book ReviewsDeb Sparrow

Book review of Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In: I'd read and the interviews that I'd seen left me with the impression that Sanberg's views on professional women and the leadership ambition gap were fairly elitist and not remotely valid for most working women. A

Testing Your Organizational Culture
CultureRalph Twombly

Here is a little quiz for you to take to test the organizations culture in your company. Organizational culture test.

How Do We Manage the Great Generational Difference?
Workplace IssuesCraig Twombly

There are people who are starting to debate what the newest generational name should be called. This is more of a debate around work ethic and motivation.

Executive coaching: In-house or external?
Leadership CoachingMisty Smalley

Executive coaching can make the difference between filling a leadership chair and being a leader.

Conflict Sweet Conflict
ConflictDeb Sparrow

Workplace conflict is inevitable, how do we deal with conflict inside an organization.

ConflictMisty Smalley

A definition of microaggression and some examples of what it looks like in an organization.

The Secret of a Sustainable Sales Culture
CultureDeb Sparrow

How do you create a sustainable sales culture in an organization that is positive and will last? Keep reading for the secret.