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Bio The Way
CareerMisty Smalley

Misty Smalley explains the difference between a bio and a resume and why a bio is a good thing to have.

Power of Connection
Business and LifeDeb Sparrow

We all connect with others in a variety of ways in our personal and professional lives. Some of our connections are sources of great joy, while others can be sources of pain and frustration.

Values - A Fable Rooted in Real Life
Organizational DevelopmentRalph Twombly

A story (written in case study format) that explains why organizational values are so important to an organization.

Get Engaged
CareerMisty Smalley

According to a recent Gallup poll, less than a third of Americans consider themselves actively engaged in their work. But why?

There is an I in Leadership
LeadershipDeb Sparrow

how do great teams learn how to perform at a high level? Usually, it's a combination of strong leadership, effective coaching, and of course, willing and able players.'

Head vs. Heart
Business and LifeRalph Twombly

Leaders of influence make value choices. And whether or not they know it, they executed their values through their leadership style.

Who's Job Is It?
LeadershipCraig Twombly

Who's job is it? A question that can help to grasp the concept of leadership.

Leadership Leasons From Teens
LeadershipMisty Smalley

We are strong, seasoned and knowledgeable leaders, but are we humble enough to learn new leadership lessons from teens?

Making Leadership Choices
LeadershipRalph Twombly

Leaders of influence make value choices. And whether or not they know it, they executed their values through their leadership style.

Continuous Vitality Part 3
Business ManagementRalph Twombly

Continuous Vitality, What keeps people vital in their jobs or work? How do we align with the people we work with? We can start by simply getting along with others

Mentor Leadership Part 6: R is for Relate
Leadership CoachingLorraine Twombly

The 6th article in a 6 part series about mentor leadership, If we are to be good mentors, we should try to understand where other people are coming from.

So You Have A Coach?
Leadership CoachingMisty Smalley

So you have a coach. Here are some helpful tips on how to get the most out of your leadership coaching experience.

The Communication Contract
Team LeadershipMisty Smalley

Communication is a two-way flow that could be improved by both the givers and the receivers with some guidelines for trust and understanding...a Communication Contract.

Continuous Vitality Part 2
Business ManagementRalph Twombly

The employee life cycle is what happens in every employee's employment life from the beginning to the end that adds or subtracts to their personal satisfaction and factors into the value an organization gets from each person.

Mentor Leadership Part 5: O for Opportunity
Leadership CoachingLorraine Twombly

Mentoring is about helping to get people to understand the talents that they possess.