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Thank You
Priority Learning NewsCraig Twombly

This time of year we at Priority Learning reflect what the year has brought us. It is also a great chance to give thanks and look at the road ahead in 2013.

Mentor Leadership Part 4: T is for Talent
Leadership CoachingLorraine Twombly

Mentoring is about helping to get people to understand the talents that they possess.

Professional Image
LeadershipMisty Smalley

Why professional image is important to leaders and direct managers. Priority Learning business management articles.

Mentor Leadership Part 3
Leadership CoachingLorraine Twombly

Everyday from the time we get up in the morning till we go to bed at night we engage in small but important negotiations.

Finding The Best In Us
Business and LifeRalph Twombly

In a time of growing concern about how social media polarizes our children with the steady barrage of bad news on TV, has it occurred to you that we are doing a pretty darn good job of taking care of each other?

Time To Really POP!
LeadershipMisty Smalley

How image effects people of potential, strong performers and potential leaders in an organization.

Business and LifeRalph Twombly

For November and December I decided to write about a couple things that I hope (no pun intended) you will find interesting. This month, hope is more than just on my mind.

Up The River (A Story About Peer Pressure)
Team LeadershipCraig Twombly

Whether we know it or not, we are faced with peer pressure every day when go to work.

Changes In Search Engine Optimization
MiscMilly Welsh

What your business needs to know about the recent changes in SEO (search engine optimization) and how it effects your business website.

Mentor Leadership Part 2
Leadership CoachingLorraine Twombly

Why do top levels of leadership resist coaching, why they shouldn't and what the real benefits of coaching are?

Why Are We So Afraid
Business and LifeRalph Twombly

So why are the rest of us so afraid when the one thing that can truly define our place on this crowded planet is courage?

Is The Glass Half Full? - Part 2
Business and LifeCraig Twombly

As we begin to look at ways to shift the balance to a more positive Half Full approach, I reflect back into my life at those that have such an approach.

Mentor Leadership
Leadership CoachingLorraine Twombly

A rut story is a negative response or an excuse to the challenges we face in life. This article explains how to turn rut stories into river stories by revising interpretations and seeing things in a new way.

Talent Discovery
Hiring and PromotingRalph Twombly

Lately we have been finding an abundance of talent that may be getting overlooked. why it is so hard to find talented people when they are right in front of us?

Transformation as a Way of Life
CareerLorraine Twombly

If we don't transform, we get left behind and, if we do, it is usually a continuous journey with lots of challenges along the way.