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Hope, Faith, Belief and Support (The Spirit Side of Humans) Part 7
Business and LifeNormand Dubreuil

2015 is a brand new year for Normand Dubreuil with his cancer finally in remission.

Four Letter Words
LeadershipDeb Sparrow

There are plenty of other powerful words that we use to express ourselves without resorting to profanity. As a leader and a student of leadership, here are ten of my favorite simple but high impact four-letter words.

Revisiting the Glass Ceiling
CareerDeb Sparrow

Does the Glass Ceiling Really Exist? The good news about the glass ceiling is that it is glass, and therefore transparent and breakable. Not only can we see our way to the top, but there are great leaders already there who have learned the importance of l

I don't Have a Bias
Business ManagementRalph Twombly

I have seen careers setback and even ruined in meetings. The sad part is that you don't even have to attend or behave badly to be the victim of these career crushers.

Why Don't Women Code?
CareerMilly Welsh

Why aren't more women writing code. The percentage of female coders has actually gone down dramatically while gender equality in most other occupations has risen.

Learning Collaboratively Increases Your Knowledge Base Exponentially
Organizational DevelopmentJodi Flynn

Because of the level of sharing that goes on in a Priority Learning Leadership Series, I walked out the door each day with my mind swimming with new knowledge and understanding of people and organizations.

Hope Faith Belief and Support (The Spirit Side of Humans) - Part 5
Business and LifeNormand Dubreuil

The story of Norman Dubreuil fight with stage 4 cancer continues. 2014 starts off as a great year full of hope and improvement but suddenly Normand hits a bump in the road.

Leadership Realities Part 3
LeadershipRalph Twombly

Phil Rigorous's story continues. His 360 Feedback assessment results are in, what will he do with the information.

The Ripple Effect
LeadershipDeb Sparrow

Consider the ripple effect of leadership in your organization and to you personally. We've all tossed a stone into the water and been fascinated by the visible rings and the potential power of that one act that forces water outward.

The Price of Incivility
ConflictStacy Rodenberger

The price of incivility, how and why do smart, dedicated, creative people with proven success come to be perceived as ineffective, negative, and poor performers, seemingly overnight.

Don't Fear Failure
Business and LifeChristina Carter

The fear of failure can sometimes paralyze us from taking action or making a decision especially when we want to succeed. Often, the actual potential failure, mistake or loss is not as bad as it's been created to be and there can be worthwhile lessons to

Why Learning Organizations Will Rule
Organizational CultureDeb Sparrow

What exactly is a learning organization and why it's such an important focus for organizations of the future?

Leadership Realities Part 2
LeadershipRalph Twombly

Sometimes the best way for leaders to face up to realities is by getting feedback from others through a 360 assessment.

Hope Faith Belief and Support (The Spirit Side of Humans) - Part 4
Business and LifeNormand Dubreuil

Normand Dubreuil's continues his story recounting his diagnosis of Stage IV Lung Cancer.

The Only Constant is Change
CareerStacy Rodenberger

An important part of any learning process is taking time to reflect, to consider and even document experiences and insights.