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The Communication Contract
Team LeadershipMisty Smalley

Communication is a two-way flow that could be improved by both the givers and the receivers with some guidelines for trust and understanding...a Communication Contract.

Up The River (A Story About Peer Pressure)
Team LeadershipCraig Twombly

Whether we know it or not, we are faced with peer pressure every day when go to work.

Directive Decision Making
Team LeadershipRalph Twombly

Directive decision making is quick, ownership is clear to everyone and doesn’t require a lot of input but it breeds dependent behavior.

Consultative Decision Making
Team LeadershipCraig Twombly

Consultative decision making style is used when there is more time to make a decision on important issues and requires input from people who are impacted by those decisions.

Collaborative Decision Making
Team LeadershipLorraine Twombly

Because the collaborative style is very team-like in its approach to solving problems, it is the most appreciated of the team leadership styles.

Team Leadership

An example of groupthink and what it can do to the dynamic of a group.

The 10/80/10 Rule
Team LeadershipCraig Twombly

The 10/80/10 Model is a basic percentage breakdown of how employees behave/produce/get along in any organization. By focasing on the negative 10% we sometimes forget about the good folks who do it right

Manager Expectations
Team LeadershipCraig Twombly

Why it's important for managers to explain their expectations to their employees.

Team Learning and Developing, using Myers Briggs
Team LeadershipLorraine Twombly

While the whole world has been in the grip of the greatest recession of a lifetime, we have thought, What kind of program can we offer our clients that will promote learning and development and help senior teams, management teams, and all other teams beco