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As 2013 starts, I sit here and stare at the computer screen is sheer astonishment. It appears another year has flown by in record time. Well at least in my eyes it has flown by. This time of year we at Priority Learning reflect what the year has brought...
Wrapping Up 2011 From all of us at Priority Learning!
Wow, what happened to 2011? It is December and it seems like only yesterday I was trying to figuring out where I stored my summer clothes. The year has been a very good one for us with continued and ongoing work with old friends, new clients/friends, and lots of new...
A 'Series' of Things Here at Priority Learning
A look at what is new in the world of Learning and Development Normally, I reserve this space in the newsletter to pass along another piece of information, experience or a pearl of useful wisdom. This time I really want to share something we think will...
What's New At Priority Learning
We have a new Facilitated Series starting on August 30th and ending on November 22nd.  We will be sending out information about how much folks have learned in the first series next week.  There've been five of eight sessions so far and the participants of this series have learned even...

The Leadership Maker

By Ralph Twombly

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  • Update to our Workshop Series

    Update to our Workshop Series

    Ralph, Craig, Mary and I are very excited to announce that we are changing our series from 5- to 8- day workshops to 10-day workshops within a year’s time and we plan to start in August of this year.

  • Increasing Meeting Participation

    Increasing Meeting Participation

    If you feel like your meetings are not productive enough because people won't or can participate, the people in your meetings are unprepared or after meeting conversation are bigger then the meeting itself, the problem might lie in your preparation.

  • Communications


    Let’s be clear here about communication methods for leaders. Face-to-face communication is best. Not just best, it is best by a mile. A phone conversation is next best, but it is no substitute for face-to-face connection.

  • Time for a Paradigm Shift

    Time for a Paradigm Shift

    Perhaps it is time for a paradigm shift, a shift in how people think and learn about what is out there for career opportunities.

  • Delegation


    The final test of leadership is to leave behind men and women with the conviction, commitment and competency to carry on in your absence.

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