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The Deep End
miscDeb Sparrow

Thinking about the deep, dark places that we can get stuck in as humans is kind of a strange thing to be doing on a beautiful summer day, is it not? Perhaps it is proof that some of the negativity that is running rampant in our political process.

Got Culture?
Organizational CultureDeb Sparrow

What’s the first description that comes to mind when you think about your organization’s culture? Hopefully not toxic because ultimately, toxic can kill you.

Where Do You Want to Be?
Business and LifeDeb Sparrow

Where do you want to be? Knowing where you want to be starts with understanding where you are and why change is needed or desired.

Personal Best
miscDeb Sparrow

Do you remember the last time you felt like you were at your ‘personal best’? There always seems to be room for improvement.

The Law of Attraction
Organizational CultureDeb Sparrow

Positive people seem to attract other positive people and create a kind of energy that others want to be around. Those with a more negative outlook seem to attract others who are looking to share complaints.

Taking Stock
Business and LifeDeb Sparrow

What's better on a dreary mid-December day, as the year draws to a holiday-packed close, than looking back and taking stock of the previous twelve months?

Pursuit of Happiness
The WorkplaceDeb Sparrow

The pursuit of happiness in the workplace: Is it the employer who bears responsibility for the happiness of the employee, or is happiness a choice that employees have to make for themselves?

How to Move an Organization
Organizational CultureDeb Sparrow

move an organization, inspire, motivate

Bring a Gift
Business ManagementDeb Sparrow

When things don't go as planned, what do you do? Sometimes it's best to adjust to the change and bring a gift.

Four Letter Words
LeadershipDeb Sparrow

There are plenty of other powerful words that we use to express ourselves without resorting to profanity. As a leader and a student of leadership, here are ten of my favorite simple but high impact four-letter words.

Revisiting the Glass Ceiling
CareerDeb Sparrow

Does the Glass Ceiling Really Exist? The good news about the glass ceiling is that it is glass, and therefore transparent and breakable. Not only can we see our way to the top, but there are great leaders already there who have learned the importance of l

The Ripple Effect
LeadershipDeb Sparrow

Consider the ripple effect of leadership in your organization and to you personally. We've all tossed a stone into the water and been fascinated by the visible rings and the potential power of that one act that forces water outward.

Why Learning Organizations Will Rule
Organizational CultureDeb Sparrow

What exactly is a learning organization and why it's such an important focus for organizations of the future?

Understanding the Power Puzzle
Business ManagementDeb Sparrow

What is the allure of power? After all, once you get to the pinnacle, not only are the burdens great and the thanks few, but seemingly, the only place to go from the top is. down.

People Are Talking
Business ManagementDeb Sparrow

One thing I've learned about feedback is that it doesn't do any good if it isn't shared. Giving direct feedback takes a level of courage as many people either refuse to accept it or don't know how to do so.