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Learning Collaboratively Increases Your Knowledge Base Exponentially
Organizational DevelopmentJodi Flynn

Because of the level of sharing that goes on in a Priority Learning Leadership Series, I walked out the door each day with my mind swimming with new knowledge and understanding of people and organizations.

Being A Coach: What's In It For You?
Leadership CoachingJodi Flynn

So often, when we think of the benefits of coaching, we tend to think in terms of what benefits the client receives. In truth, coaching is often a win-win situation for coaches and clients alike.

I Want to Be a Manager but Not Manage People
Business ManagementJodi Flynn

If you oversee or give guidance to another human being you are a manager. it’s no easy feat to be an effective manager. By effective I mean your people are motivated.

Business Coaching: A Blueprint for Success
Leadership CoachingJodi Flynn

So often, the focus on the advantages of coaching centers on individual benefits but when coaching is part of a corporate strategy, there are just as many benefits.

Coaching: What's In It For Clients?
Leadership CoachingJodi Flynn

A common questions asked by those considering a leadership coach is How will this benefit me? There are many benefits, not only to the person who is being coached but to those working around them as well.

Tips for Revitalizing the Excitement and Energy at Work
The WorkplaceJodi Flynn

Jodi Flynn shares tips on how to get excited about our jobs again when the honeymoon is over.