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Business Coaching: A Blueprint for Success

Written by: Jodi Flynn
Published: August 2014

So often, the focus on the advantages of coaching centers on individual benefits - meeting a goal, overcoming an obstacle, discovering new opportunities. When coaching is part of a corporate strategy, these same benefits come together to enrich the organization as a whole.

In a business environment, coaching is a powerful tool that can boost employee morale, leading to long-term positive change and an enhanced corporate culture. Whether a company is just starting out or is established in its industry, coaching can be a key link to increasing employee confidence and motivation, sending productivity - and profits - soaring.

Dispelling the Myths

It's very common for employees new to the coaching experience to perceive it as unnecessary, not worth the effort, or something for people who have "problems".

The good news is that after the coaching experience, most individuals who first thought of the process as negative actually end up viewing it as a positive one with tangible benefits.

One of the ways to view coaching in an organizational setting is to think of it as a blueprint for success. Would you build a house without building plans? If you asked almost anyone this question, the answer would be no!

Why, then, would any business leader not have a crystal clear picture of what they're building and what it's going to take to build it? This trickles down to the staff level - how can employees be expected to be productive if they're not even clear on what the goal is?

Goals, like proper nutrition, are often seen as additional work, yet they are vitally important to business success. Goals allow individuals - and organizations - to properly focus attention, know what to say ";yes" and ";no" to, track progress, and communicate clearly to staff, vendors, partners, contractors, and others.

Coaching offers management and staff an opportunity to define goals, strategize an action plan, and ultimately, proceed with the necessary steps to accomplish those goals.

The Benefits of Business Coaching

When the Institute of Leadership & Management asked learning and development professionals in 250 organizations about the outcome of their coaching programs, virtually all agreed that coaching brings strong individual and organizational benefits.
When we say that coaching impacts corporate culture, what does that mean?

  • Greater authenticity: more open, honest conversation between employees and between staff and management.
  • Enhanced productivity: decreased absenteeism, increased motivation - employees actually feel like they're a part of a bigger picture, that their role has real meaning.
  • Increased morale: stronger understanding of the corporate vision and of organizational goals, which translates to better teamwork.
  • True ";team spirit": more cooperation between team members, willingness to be open to or understand another's perspective.
  • Seeing the ";big picture": a better ability to focus on what's really important so projects and tasks move forward as efficiently as possible.

When coaching is part of a larger wellness plan, corporations may enjoy lowered health care costs, fewer sick days used by employees, and, in general, a better quality of life for employees.
In addition to enhancing the corporate environment, many employees report improvements in the way they balance their work and personal lives, how they manage their time, and in overall health and wellbeing.

The Stats on Business Coaching

A business coach doesn't necessarily need to be an expert in a particular field to make a lasting impact. The individuals at the company working with a coach are the knowledgeable ones in their field - the role of a coach is to facilitate change through fresh perspectives, practical solutions, guidance, and follow-through.
The International Coach Federation (ICF) reports that successful coaching translates into more positive team members, with a significant number of coaching participants reporting improvements in these areas:

80% improved self-confidence

73% improved relationships

72% improved communication skills

67% improved the life/work balance

Even more compelling, a whopping 86% of companies surveyed say that they at least made their investment back, and 99% of all companies and individuals who work with a coach are satisfied.
Clearly, business coaching is a powerful investment in the future of any organization, regardless of its size or how well established it is. Coaching programs can even be tailored to work with specific members of an organization - from upper level management to staff on the front lines.
Whether the objective is to address a specific issue or to simply enhance the corporate environment to achieve greater levels of success, almost all organizations will strongly benefit from the lasting impact that coaching offers.

An Opportunity for You

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Jodi Flynn

Jodi Flynn

Jodi Flynn of Luma Coaching coaches entrepreneurs and small business owners around their mindset for success. She helps them to identify the default tendencies that are getting in the way of growing their business and/or their enjoyment of their business.
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