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Leadership and Business Management Articles by Priority Learning: Book Reviews

The Meaning of Leaning
At the moment, I have the good fortune to be enjoying a few days away from the office. It just happens to be during a stretch of gorgeous August weather, amidst the handful of days per year in Maine when having a pool seems justifiable. Poolside is the best...
Book Review: Stephen R. Covey's The 3rd Alternative
This is a good book about synergy and people getting together to think of other ways to solve their conflicts or problems. I've always liked that word synergy, because it symbolizes the need to work together to solve stressful problems, such as conflicts with friends, neighbors, and school disputes,...
Book Review: The Thank You Economy
As a web developer, I get a lot of questions about social media, particularly on whether social media is worth investing the time in. Most people want solid proof that social media has a return on investment before jumping in, but I’ve found that definitive evidence is hard to...
Book Review: 1001 Ways to Reward Employees by Bob Nelson, PH.D.
While browsing and then reading this book, I learned that there are more than basic ways to reward employees. Of course, the basic ways have a section or two in the book and there are some great reminders in rewarding employees. In reading on, I found that there are many...
Book Review: Hamlet's Blackberry
In the last few decades we have seen an explosion of technology. The Internet allows us to be connected to millions of other people and gives us access to endless amounts of information. Now with the invention of smartphones and other portable devices we can be connected to the...

The Leadership Maker

By Ralph Twombly

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  • Dunning Kruger Effect

    Dunning Kruger Effect

    n the field of psychology, the Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which people of low ability have illusory superiority and mistakenly assess their cognitive ability as greater than it is.

  • The language of leading through caring (part II)

    The language of leading through caring (part II)

    Here are 15 Perspectives from my living ,leading, and learning from-organizations/ individuals who flourished.

  • Why does a flourishing organization matter?

    Why does a flourishing organization matter?

    When employees flourish the company develops a competitive advantage. Employees who are engaged, committed to each other, committed to the success of the company, provide better results better than their competitors.

  • Peer Communication and Care

    Peer Communication and Care

    Often neglected and seldom really understood, consider the power of caring for and communicating with peers.

  • Communications That Can Enhance your Relationships

    Communications That Can Enhance your Relationships

    Communicating up is good for your career and for your development as a leader. When the communication pattern with your leader is strong, you will both benefit.

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