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Opposites Attract: When You And Your Partner Don't Agree Politically
MiscMilly Welsh

Although it can be stressful there are some benefits to disagreeing politically with your partner.

Book Review: Hamlet's Blackberry
Book ReviewsMilly Welsh

Book Review on William Powers new book Hamlet's Blackberry: A Practical Philosophy For Building A Good Life In The Digital Age

Are You Addicted To Your Electronic Devices?
MiscMilly Welsh

With the invention of portable devices like smartphones, it is now possible to be connected to the Internet, literally 24 hours a day. Are you addicted to your devices?

Why and How Businesses Should Use Social Networking - Part 2 LinkedIn
MiscMilly Welsh

Tips on how and why businesses should use social networking websites like linkedin to advertise services, look for a job and recruit employees.

Why Businesses Should Use Social Networking
MiscMilly Welsh

Tips on how and why businesses should use social networking websites like twitter and facebook to market and advertise

RSS - What It Is And Why It's Great
MiscMilly Welsh

One downside to the Internet is the fact that it's just too big! RSS can help with that.

Social Networking Gone Wrong
MiscMilly Welsh

As great as social networking can be, it's important to remember that there are dangers in communicating with people on sites like twitter and facebook. Here is an example of how social networking can go horribly wrong.

Business ManagementMilly Welsh

Hardening, a story of how a person overcame and learned to manage Ulcerative Colitis.

Online Shopping Tips
MiscMilly Welsh

Christmas shopping, or any shopping for that matter, can easily be done in pajamas at anytime in the day or night in the convenience of our own homes. As wonderful as this is, it is important to remember that online shopping is not always as straight forw

Growing a Family and a Business
Business and LifeMilly Welsh

Balancing your home life and your work life while raising children and expanding your business can be a daunting task.

Cookie Quiz
MiscMilly Welsh

As a web developer I hear a lot of misconceptions about cookies. Here are the facts surrounding browser cookies.