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Do You Know the DEI Blueprint?
CultureEric Poirier

Each element of DEI - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - is a vital pillar that upholds and enriches the foundation of an organization.

Synergy or Silence: The Bold Truth About Team Communication
CommunicationEric Poirier

n this article, I attempt to unravel the strategic advantages inherent in understanding and leveraging the unique differences that each team member brings to the table.

The Strategic Pursuit of Purpose: Aligning Mission with Organizational Excellence
The WorkplaceEric Poirier

Explore with me this paradigm shift, where today's professionals seek to integrate their core values with their career trajectories seamlessly.

Beyond the Balance Sheet: Are You Truly Succeeding in Business?
LeadershipEric Poirier

Amidst the constant drive for achievement, a pressing question emerges: What truly defines success in our intricate, interconnected business world?

Navigating the New Age: A Leadership Odyssey
LeadershipEric Poirier

In the tapestry of leadership, it's not just the threads of power or prestige that weave a legacy.

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Business Masterclass You’ve Overlooked!
Business ManagementEric Poirier

In the intricate mosaic of today's business world, many entities serve as operational models, offering lessons of resilience and adaptability.

Entrepreneurship and Credit Unions: A Millennial Roadmap
Business and LifeEric Poirier

Once perceived as traditional entities, credit unions have undergone a tech evolution. They offer cutting-edge online platforms and mobile banking apps.