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Bret Watson

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Bret Watson was kind enough to volunteer his experiences with Priority Learning, while sitting down with Mike from McKeen Media Management.

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Priority Learning is an Organizational Development company focused on the people aspect of work. Offering leadership development resources including articles, diagnostics, and workshops to help leaders and employees reach their full potential.



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It has been over a year since I first started going to Five Seasons Health and wkoirng with Dr Ellsworth. During that time my health has improved dramatically. As just one example, with doing th food panels, I discovered what foods my body is sensitive to. Then began the relatively easy process of avoiding the foods. Now I am eating the foods my body likes. I immediately felt better, had more energy, and lost weight too. I feel great! I can use that incredible value of knowledge for the rest of my life. I also had a hormone assessment done and the feedback those tests provided to hormone therapy treatments that have been a great benefit to me. Those are just two of the many ways I have been able to improve my health with Dr Ellworth. I am very grateful to Dr Ellsworth and his wife Sue and look forward to continuing the process of improving my health and over all well being at Five Seasons Health.

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