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So you Have a Coach

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Misty Smalley sat down with Mike from McKeen Media Management to talk about how to utilize a coach that may not have been your first choice.

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Misty Smalley
Delhaize America

Misty Smalley is an HR leader and writer who actively pursues interests in executive coaching, organizational development and training design. A life-long learner, she joyfully strives to help others to explore the meaning in their own journeys, then to express it authentically.



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It has been over a year since I first started going to Five Seasons Health and wnrkiog with Dr Ellsworth. During that time my health has improved dramatically. As just one example, with doing th food panels, I discovered what foods my body is sensitive to. Then began the relatively easy process of avoiding the foods. Now I am eating the foods my body likes. I immediately felt better, had more energy, and lost weight too. I feel great! I can use that incredible value of knowledge for the rest of my life. I also had a hormone assessment done and the feedback those tests provided to hormone therapy treatments that have been a great benefit to me. Those are just two of the many ways I have been able to improve my health with Dr Ellworth. I am very grateful to Dr Ellsworth and his wife Sue and look forward to continuing the process of improving my health and over all well being at Five Seasons Health.

Approaching the two year mark since finding Dr. Ellsworth at Five Seasons Health and I can hoetsnly say my health is significantly better. I initially approached Dr. Ellsworth for joint pain (another doctor suggested Vicodin) and after a food panel test, three months off foods I was sensitive to, and starting the right supplements, my joint pain was gone along with 10pounds of fat. I have more energy and feel good. Over the last year and half I have been treated for heavy metal poisoning, received pro-lo therapy, and have shifted from antibiotics to natural remedies. I look better, I feel better, I sleep better and, best of all, I do not get sick nearly as often. I can’t thank Dr. Ellsworth and the dedicated folks working with him enough and encourage anyone interested in improving health to make an appointment.

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Hello Dr. Ellsworth,I hope you all are doing well. I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help with Aidan. Only two weeks after cnighang his diet by eliminating artificial colors and flavors, gluten and dairy, and giving him his Vibe and DHA vitamins daily, my son is a completely different child. He went from being angry, defiant, and hyper all the time to sweet and calm. He is able to focus more and is definitely more personable and interactive with others. It is amazing how cnighang his diet has completely changed him. Aidan is happy and the whole family is thrilled with his peacefulness and progress. I hope that you are able to help others like you have helped us. We are eternally grateful to you.Thank You!!! [url=]wuigwphth[/url] [link=]tqrogwzwho[/link]


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