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Facilitation and Presentation Starting March 2024

Price: $3200.00

  1. Start Date: March 20th 2024
  2. April 17th 2024
  3. May 15th 2024
  4. June 19th 2024
  5. July 17th 2024
  6. August 21st 2024
  7. September 25th 2024
  8. October 23rd 2024

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To answer an organization’s need for effective internal employee development, enabling their leaders to facilitate and deliver powerful facilitation training and development programs every step of the way. It is inspired directly by our clients and years of experience facilitating workshops, designing programs, and helping teams to be the best they can be. These eight-day workshops are state-of-the-art, with the latest technology and practical for immediate back-on-the-job execution. 


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