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Mastering Emotional Intelligence new start date February 8, 2024

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  1. Start Date: February 8th 2024
  2. March 7th 2024
  3. April 11th 2024
  4. May 9th 2024
  5. June 6th 2024
  6. July 11th 2024
  7. August 8th 2024
  8. September 12th 2024

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This eight-day program will help you learn about yourself, your impact on others and teach you the essential skills to be stronger, bolder, and true to yourself while being better for those around you. Like all Priority Learning programs, it is interactive, built on real life skills and related behaviors.

You will receive your own personalized Emotional Intelligence evaluation, workbook and learners guide complete with exercises and ways to grow your EI quotient.


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