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Making Leadership Choices

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Priority Learning Article Archive. Audio version of Ralph's recent article "Making Leadership Choices." Read by Mike McKeen.

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Ralph Twombly
Priority Learning

In the 20 years since starting Priority Learning, Ralph has facilitated countless learning experiences and has conducted training for thousands of managers and leaders. With over 30 years of leadership development and organizational development background and work, Ralph continues to build relationships with client companies all over the U.S.



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I think if you can coordinate all the phtoos to be of the same colour combo that would work perfectly, especially if there is a colour them in the room they are going in....Great idea....boy its hard to hang the prints at all the right levels but thats what hubbys do best.

I like how the colours are all from a liemtid palette- they seem to be mostly grey, blue & white which works really well with his interior.Nice post Anna! I had never given that much thought to a large group of colour photos until now.

Anna, So lovely. Do you know what era/style Ralph's house is? I am about to do an itrenior design assignment where we select a period in design history to research. Would love to use this beautiful example. Lisa [url=]irgypy[/url] [link=]royjrg[/link]

Amber looks so tall, refined and deitfniely elegant. I am beginning to think I would kill for a waist like hers! Am wondering if she gives lessons in that "been there, done that, test me" gaze -- I could put it to good use. By the way, I find Amber is perfectly accessorized, statement-sized but classic pearl earrings, understated but readable watch, classic gold wedding band. Perfect.

Hi Heather, So well stated. Art is the depeest expression of its owner and should never be acquired with the view of filling a space or color-coordinating a room, This Cy Twombly room has been one of my favorite spaces for many many elements blended to form one. Thank you for reminding me. Mary [url=]crsbsxosazj[/url] [link=]rsuiiip[/link]


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