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Priority Learning Article Archive. Audio version of "Delegation" by Craig Twombly read bt Mike McKeen.

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Craig Twombly
Priority Learning

Craig is the primary facilitator at Priority Learning, he is responsible for conducting an array of leadership series offered and consulting assignments from communications to team development in organizations ranging from the service industries to finance, manufacturing and more. Having extensive experience at balancing the business needs with the wants and desires of people are Craig's strongest assets.



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Gary,Great post. I've been thinking about this today as I make plans for the year for my team. I WANT to emowepr, but find myself delegating when its not appropriate for the situation. Keep it coming .

Thanks for this post Gary, I am a university sutnedt from Australia studying my Masters of Education majoring in Educational Leadership and this really helped me to identify the main difference between empowering and delegation.Thanks [url=]eshhpf[/url] [link=]ksgkjhqekl[/link]

Free info like this is an apple from the tree of kneldowge. Sinful?

Gary,Great post. I've been thinking about this today as I make plans for the year for my team. I WANT to emwepor, but find myself delegating when its not appropriate for the situation. Keep it coming .

Hi Helen, this post really hits home for me. I am awful at dgnieatelg! I do give some invoicing and research work to a close friend who isn't a VA because I trust her and have worked with her before. However when it comes to SEO work or working out a marketing plan for a client I too think it won't be completed to the same standard or in the same detail that I put into the work. It is very silly really as I know the business can't grow unless I outsource certain tasks I will get there one day!!

James, Thanks for you comments and eeeaurogcmnnt. I am glad that it was a helpful post. Hang in there with your Masters. Grad degrees are a lot of work, but trusting it will be fruitful work. [url=]oxfirtl[/url] [link=]citadmr[/link]

My scenario is as foollws: I am a small business owner with three different businesses. In addition, I have my personal affairs and family trust. Google has enabled my personal set up we have a Google Apps suite for the domains etc for the three businesses and I use Gmail as the central location where everything takes place (by using Mail Fetcher and the ability to send mail from my other email addresses). From the outside world it is seamless.I had a PA working for me. I gave her a Google Apps email address for each of the three businesses which all worked fine. But there was a certain amount of activity that took place that didn't relate to any of those businesses (my personal affairs or communications about work generally). For this she used her Gmail account. Again it all worked perfectly. I was able to grant her delegate access within each Google Apps domain for access to the relevant mail and delegate access within Gmail.But she left and so I've re-hired. No problem. But I've realised that I have no control over the 2 years of emails about my affairs in her Gmail. So for my new employee I've created a new Google Apps email with its own domain which is to cover the communications that my previous PA and I did in Gmail. But because I'm so embedded in my Gmail, I'm not planning on switching out of Gmail into the new Google Apps domain; that is for my employee. If and when she leaves I'll have control over the emails that she and I have sent each other so I feel a bit safer.But it turns out that I cannot grant her delegate access to my Gmail (because her new Google Apps email is in a different domain to Gmail). D'oh! Everything was coming together so nicely.Can you recommend a workaround or a solution to this problem? [url=]qwmfymqaw[/url] [link=]kzqqllyf[/link]


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