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Coaching: What's In It For Clients

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A common questions asked by those considering a leadership coach is How will this benefit me? There are many benefits, not only to the person who is being coached but to those working around them as well.

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Jodi Flynn
Luma Coaching
Professional Coach

Jodi Flynn of Luma Coaching coaches entrepreneurs and small business owners around their mindset for success. She helps them to identify the default tendencies that are getting in the way of growing their business and/or their enjoyment of their business.
Luma Coaching



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Great work on this, Jodi!!

I would put this back to the team I've observed misisng participants has anyone else noticed this? What is the impact on the team? How dowe want to handle it?Ideally, the team will take ownership for dealing with the misisng participants. This could be asking them to step off the team to rearranging schedules to accomodate everyone. To many options in-between. Ultimately, it is for the team to deal with.Happy CoachingBea

You wrote quite a while ago and I apologize for the delay in roespnding. My sense of working with young professionals is that there is business in that area, but that it looks a bit different from working with high level executives. Cost plays a role, as does perceived need in an environment where they have less influence. When they are involved, they dig in deeply and are interested in growing, learning, and setting a vision for life and work. There are two models I've seen work the first is as part of a broader program sponsored by an organization or a number of organizations; the second is individual work, with a significant group component to it, often culminating with an intensive or in-person experience. Of course, there are individuals who are interested, whose organizations are willing to pay (or can afford it on their own), and choose to work with a coach. Most of my work at this point has been through organizations working with professionals internally, rather than independent consulting with individuals. Would love to hear what you're finding.

Hi Michael:I am a fellow coach and wonedr if you could give me some feedback. I have been struggling with the niche concept and am considering working with young professionals via their organizations in the areas of confidence, communication, etc. So here's my big question: Is there business in that area?Thanks for your feedback!Gerri Ratigan [url=]eaqjxjd[/url] [link=]nymdvxevhu[/link]

I would describe the sitoatiun as is. I would not make any recommendations or judgments. As a follow up, I would ask the group what they felt about their absence and if they thought anything should be done about the absences. If the group did not have a problem, I would proceed with the process. [url=]lvfgaeutbe[/url] [link=]endxggq[/link]

Thanks Connie for talking about how to love this life. You rellay give great examples of the benefits of Life Coaching and why it may or may not be there for you. When people can see what the clear benefits are it helps with deciding if something is right for you.

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