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Performance Coaching Series

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Success involves having the right people with the right skills and experience working on what is most important to the organization, yet many managers struggle with employee performance management. Priority Learning's Performance Coaching Series will change how managers think about performance in the workplace. Beyond numeric measures, performance is really about career fulfillment, and this series is designed for managers who are coaching their struggling workers and their top performers. The Performance Coaching Series will provide tactical best practices of performance management as well as coaching skills to inspire behavioral change and employee development. We will explore how to get the best from our people by creating a performance culture of learning and discovery based on an understanding of human motivation. Employees who are coached to their best performance tend to collaborate more effectively, trust one another, feel empowered to make changes, and experience high levels of personal performance and job satisfaction.

Learn what motivates people to succeed

  • Explore best practices of coaching and mentoring
  • Practice inquiry and advocacy techniques
  • Examine conflict foundations and remedies

Discover how to inspire desired behaviors and outcomes

  • Understand values, assumptions, and behaviors
  • Master new performance competencies
  • Apply real-life scenarios to performance concepts

Explore the best tools of performance

  • Discover the latest ideas in employee motivation
  • Adopt continuous learning as a lifestyle
  • Learn the laws of performance

Understand how to get the best out of your employees

  • Explore the "why" of people, performance, and coaching
  • Develop emotional intelligence in working with others
  • Take on any performance challenge moving forward
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