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Priority Learning Newsletter February 6th 2017 Newsletter

Corporate Social Impact: The New Normal

This is the third of a four-part article series looking at Measuring Your ROi - The Return on Your Individual Impact Investment. This series is developed by ActionsProve, LLC, a new impact and significance consulting practice.

Our first two articles have set the stage for understanding the potential of Corporate Social Impact (CSI) with a fresh look at the non-profit sector and the introduction of a formula for personal significance. CSI today is more than an expectation of our future employees and top client prospects - it is a Movement. It is a culmination of 30 years of societal transformation, and it has already taken hold. CSI has become a requirement for long-term business success - the new normal. CSI offers the opportunity for us to leverage the power of commerce, intentional investment and harmonized human capital to help those who are hurting, suffer from injustice, have untapped potential and want to grow - and do so in a way that has a lasting benefit for all stakeholders.

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Normand Dubreuil at a New Frontier

The continuing journey of a 4-year cancer survivor; if you have not read my previous articles you may want to read the beginning of my story.

This is the link to the first of the previous contributions:

Hello everyone; it is great being back from my roller coaster ride in 2016. My hopes and prayers are that 2017 will be a year of healing. Allow me to tell you what my writings will be about. Seizure, short term memory loss, fatigue, muscle atrophy, not eating or drinking much and why, losses, treatments, double hernias, not able to travel, gout, and pulmonary embolism. The lessons that I am learning and the trials of my faith; what is it about life that I want to live so much? So much for the golden years!

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The Impact of Pine Tree Camp

Kelly Walker recalls how nervous she was when she drove down the hill to Pine Tree Camp to drop off her son, Chase, for the first time. Chase had never been away from home before so she was worried about leaving him for six days.

The welcome at Pine Tree Camp began as soon as they started down the hill and read the little signs on the trees that line the driveway. As they approached the bottom of the hill and saw the staff standing there, they heard Chase's name announced on the megaphone and the counselors all started jumping up and down, waving and cheering him on. Kelly remembers how she and Chase reacted.

"He was hooting and hollering, and I was bawling! He heard his name immediately and he was like 'Mom, they're yelling for me!' He was so excited."

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The Leadership Maker

By Ralph Twombly
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  • Leading Through Uncertainty

    Leading Through Uncertainty

    What a time to be in leadership. It is good that you are, we need you, and I hope you are taking care of your people and yourselves.

  • Are You a Wilbury?

    Are You a Wilbury?

    At some point in your life and work, you likely developed a strong sense of what success looks like for you. You realized who you want to be, and perhaps, where you fit. The challenge for all of us, of course, is setting our course and finding our way.

  • Beyond the Pale

    Beyond the Pale

    I’m not at all sure how this happened, but I just looked up and it is the first week of June. The last twelve months have been a whirlwind of change, growth, fits and starts, and the varied experiences that make up a career and a life.

  • Things We Carry

    Things We Carry

    We all carry potential. We all carry burdens. How we explore and move beyond some of our challenges is a wonderful testament to the human spirit.

  • Want to Get More of What You Want?   Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

    Want to Get More of What You Want? Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

    Straight As won't get you very far unless you know how to get along with yourself and others.

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