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Priority Learning Newsletter - September 14th, 2016 Newsletter

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Pine Tree Society

Greetings from Priority Learning!!  We hope you have enjoyed our wonderful summer season and, even though Labor Day has come and gone, most of us are looking forward to fall and new possibilities.

Each year, Pine Tree Society, which is a great organization that helps families with disabilities enjoy some fun/camping time at their wonderful, peaceful, and gorgeous grounds on the Rome Lake, Rome, Maine, that includes useful facilities and newly renovated cabins.  They have great summer activities to keep everyone busy and having fun.

Because we invite their leaders, managers, and team leads to our workshop series at no cost (we like offering these wonderful non-profit organizations who help families in need free workshop seats and it is our way of giving back to the community), Pine Tree Society decided to honor Priority Learning at their annual BBQ bash, and what a great time it was!!  The food was wonderful:  Lobster, Steak, Chicken, Corn, Salads, and all the fixings.  The desserts were especially decadent…: )

We feel honored to be working with such caring, empathic organizations whose only goal is to support families who are in need of these great services and honoring the organizations that support them. The employees of Pine Tree Society are terrific leaders and we welcome them!!  The following link is the information about the event on July 20th.

You may know people who can use their services and we hope you can introduce them to this wonderful organization!!

Thank you for reading and we’ll be in touch soon with more updates.



Adventures in Leadership

Stop being a boss and start being a leader who builds cultures.—Bob Davids


While I had never heard of Bob Davids five years ago, it was about then that I stopped being a boss and started trying to be a leader who builds cultures. What an extraordinary adventure! Today I work at an organization that prides itself on the culture we have built together and that we work to sustain every day. It is not easy. Neither is leadership. Being a manager is very often about you and your results. Leadership is about everyone else but you. It is a lifetime pursuit and well worth the trip.

As it turns out, leadership is mostly about learning and discovery. There are endless things to learn and discover, starting with our own tendencies, preferences, strengths and limitations. It is about turning over rocks, finding what challenge or opportunity awaits, and inspiring others to want to go on the adventure with you because you have earned their trust. This is true “even if they do so…only out of curiosity” (Colin Powell, The Essence of Leadership,

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Perspective on Public Statements

As I sit here on a Saturday morning with my coffee having just read the morning paper, the old guy in me feels like he has seen some of the news before.  This happens when you are my age and cycles of social behavior start to repeat themselves.  What I’m referring to is Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49er and his attempt to draw attention to his concern by kneeling during the national anthem recently.

Being a child of the 60s it felt for just a moment like a flashback moment if you had lived through those tumultuous times. This incident wouldn’t have even made the papers.  Let me give you a few headlines:


On June 27, 1969, police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City’s Greenwich Village. The bar’s patrons, sick of being subjected to harassment and discrimination, fought back: For five days, rioters took to the streets in protest. “The word is out,” one protester said. “[We] have had it with oppression.” Historians believe that this “Stonewall Rebellion” marked the beginning of the gay rights movement.

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