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Priority Learning Newsletter July 26th 2016 Newsletter

What's New?

Okay, so summer is supposed to be slower for us at Priority Learning. Not this year!! We have so many projects we're getting ready for and we're excited about offering some new programs (most are scheduled by January, 2017):

  • Our Leaders in Manufacturing 1.0 series has been a hit and we are planning another round this fall.  We have designed a 2.0 series, which will also be offered as the next step in leadership development.
  • Five-day series for Women in Leadership (title to be determined) at least twice a year, which will be supported by 2-hour events, again at least twice a year. Our focus team is excited and we have great elements of learning to provide!
  • We are revamping our Performance Leaders Series and will be changing the title to Inspiring Tomorrow's Performance through Leadership! This program will start in November.
  • We have some ideas about designing a 10-month series (one full day each month for 10 months – July and December off) that will help top levels of leadership conduct their own cultural changes within their organization. We have the structure, the experience, and the elements to support clients who are interested in facilitating their own process, with our support along the way…much more to come on this one.
  • We will be launching our newest on-line diagnostic called the ProLead, which we designed as a great leadership performance tool a few years back.


That is all for now and we will keep you updated.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer season!!

The Inelegant Art

Compromising when it hurts

Political season is in full bloom.  If this one doesn’t make you scratch your head and wonder about what is going on with people, I would be surprised.

Factions abound, opinions are based on social media leaks and we all know how dependable they are.  For some reason people seem to be less in the mood to compromise than ever.  In fact, when you look at the quote by Robert Green Ingersoll many of use smile and say to ourselves; "that is the way my life should be."

Heroism in its place - So, for all of you scratching your head like I am, let me offer a different perspective. I believe that the republic in which we live was built upon the foundation of compromise.  I know this because it is what we have been doing for a very long time and was in the early design of our constitution. We have compromised to win long courageous battles against racial, religious, gender, and age bias. We are legendary for looking to the rule of law and trying to negotiate difficult conflicts not only at home but around the planet. Ah, but the spirit of the law wins out in the end most of the time. The spirit is the compromise part. In a world full of people writing contracts, and reading the fine print, it is still the handshake that makes the relationships work. 

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The Deep End

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. 

-Desmond Tutu

Thinking about the deep, dark places that we can get stuck in as humans is kind of a strange thing to be doing on a beautiful summer day, is it not? Perhaps it is proof that some of the negativity that is running rampant in our political process and in so many corners of society can spill over into our protected ‘happy’ places. 

One of my own restorative places is near the backyard pool where I can be found enjoying my introversion during the Maine summer months, surrounded by the quiet of my dead-end street and the joy of a stack of reading material. My contemplative quiet is occasionally interrupted by a dip in the pool, mostly at a leisurely float. We all have those places and activities that allow us to relax and let stress exist elsewhere for a while. 

The pool has not been the lounging paradise that it would normally be for me this summer. Not only have I been thinking about this trend all around us toward violence, anger, and negativity, but I have made the choice to focus on swimming as part of my fitness regimen goals. 

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