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Priority Learning Newsletter June 14th 2016 Newsletter

What's New at Priority Learning

As most of you know, we added 2 new offices, a storage closet and a conference room and the construction is finally completed. We are very happy to have our own space again and that the build-out wasn't as bad as we thought it may be. We appreciate your patience while this was happening and we are very happy with our new space!!  We will be inviting everyone to an open house soon!!

On June 23rd, we have invited Krystina Benedetti to sponsor Winerella to help us taste some wine that we can offer as PL Thank You gifts to our clients.  This will be at our office and please feel free to sign up via email correspondence.

We still have seats available to the Direct Managers Series starting on August 9th, and please contact me if you have people who would like to sign up.

That is it for now and we welcome feedback and comments!!

Happy Summer!!

Got Culture?

What’s the first description that comes to mind when you think about your organization’s culture? Exciting? Empowering? Enviable? Perhaps it sometimes feels like a three-ring circus or the inmates are running the asylum? Or even dysfunctional or toxic? I hope it’s one of the first three choices. I would even take “good but needs work” over the dreaded toxic. Because ultimately, toxic can kill you. 

No, really. 

Maybe you’ve heard of Enron or Zurich Insurance? Enron was the energy company that went down in a metaphorical ball of flames, as did its leadership, in the early 2000’s following the discovery of false financial results based on massive accounting fraud. It was a company culture built on arrogance and greed. The aftermath was a trail of suspicious deaths, insider trading convictions, jail time, finger-pointing and blame. The financial destruction was massive. 

There is a 2005 movie called Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, which documents the disastrous company culture and epic fall of the organization that was once named America’s Most Innovative Company by Fortune magazine for six straight years.

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Want to Be More Successful at Work and Everywhere Else? Invest in a Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment is the process of administering a series of tests and measures to get an in-depth, well-rounded picture of an individual and how they operate.     Intended to clarify what makes a person tick, a psychological assessment gets to the bottom of what might be a holding a person back and what can move them forward.

When performed by a psychologist qualified to interpret evaluation data, a psychological assessment can provide the edge you need to advance in a variety of areas.  

Here are four powerful reasons why you may want to participate in a psychological assessment to reach your professional goals more quickly:

It’s a short-cut to what you want:  Most of us grow and develop as professionals through a drawn-out process of experimentation.  We learn from our mistakes how to do things better next time, and eventually we reap the rewards – the promotion, the raise, the corner office – of trying and trying again.  Because psychological assessment uncovers self-defeating tendencies you didn’t know you had, and associated talents and potential you weren’t aware of, it can pave the way to the outcomes you desire with less trial and error.

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The Letter

I remember writing lots of letters as a teenager growing up in Methuen, Mass. I had a long- distance romance with a heartthrob from Maryland, and the mailbox and I became conditional friends. When there was a letter, the mailbox got closed very gently and painstakingly; when there was no letter, it got shut with a vengeance. Do you remember putting up the red flag on the box when you wanted the postman (they were all men back then) to take your letter, your exquisitely transparent articulation of young, perfect, clueless love? All of that comes to mind when I think of how much letters meant to me- writing them and receiving them.

The written word is indeed on my mind. I recently came across a letter written to me by my mother while I was 500 miles away at college. Considering the fact that was oh-so-long ago, the letter was in pretty good shape. It wasn’t written on fancy stationery or a pretty note card; rather, it was on white-lined notepad paper, the standard way we wrote notes to each other in our family.

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June Poll Question

Leadership development is very important to focus on in an organization. These days, there are different trends, innovations, and focuses to grasp on to. Of the four choices, which most resonates with you?

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