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Priority Learning Newsletter November 2019 Newsletter

What's New at Priority Learning

The holidays are coming and we wish you all a very happy season of family, friends, and joy! We are very appreciative of the work that we do with the wonderful people we work with…thank you for another great year!!!

So the latest news is that Ralph is writing a book and we now have a title, “The Leadership Maker” - Being in the Room Where it Happens. Ralph wrote a quick message about it (see below). We are in the process of getting this book (#1) published and will keep you posted.

Our series are going strong and we have been revamping and modifying each day of each series to make sure we are offering all the best components of leadership, work environment, and building relationships to enhance the workplace. Feel free to visit our website for all the latest workshop series dates and outlines that we offer. There’s something for everyone among the listings.

We are now certified in the CPI, which is the California Psychological Instrument, and we are using this instrument as a tool for individual coaching and mentoring. We are excited that we added yet another instrument that targets areas that need development and growth, as well as recognizes our best leadership traits. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.

Thank you for reading and we wish you the best!

The Leadership Maker

Being in the Room Where it Happens
A Priority Learning Series (Book 1)

By Ralph Twombly - set to be released early 2020

After lots of time and input, we have a title.  A lot of compromise and I think I like it, and so does everyone else who helped.  Welcome back and thank you for your three minutes. 

Followership is the first part of the book and it has always been a point of great interest and the source of fascinating conversation. This gets to the question, “Do people follow leaders because they want to or because they have to?” It’s a curious question because you could very easily say yes and be right. This first section doesn’t focus on who is right or wrong, but instead on what it takes for people to follow your lead. There are other things related that we’ve learned, such as motivation, observation, distribution of followers and how you honor the people it is you are privileged to lead. That’s right, privileged, while on any given day, it can feel like a curse to get everyone on board to get the work done. As leaders, we cover a lot and acknowledging that no one could turn over every rock, we certainly try. Time is up and I don’t want to abuse my privilege and next time I will talk about tools that work. Thank you and see you next time.

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Are You a Wilbury?

That path, the journey, is never a straight line, and while it is ours individually, we never travel it completely alone. 

With any luck, early in life you discovered who are, and perhaps are not, your people. That doesn’t make those who are not specifically your people wrong, or bad, it is simply that they may not be those who see the best in you and want you to succeed. Those people, my people, the ones who see something in me and encourage me to be the best I can be, are my gifts in life. I think of them as my Wilburys. 

If you are familiar with The Traveling Wilburys, you might know that they were the first ‘supergroup’ consisting of accomplished artists and songwriters who decided to team together in the late 80’s to make great music. After reading a little more about how they came to be, I’m not convinced that it had as much to do with the music as it did the relationships and connections. 

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The Leadership Maker

By Ralph Twombly
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  • Leading Through Uncertainty

    Leading Through Uncertainty

    What a time to be in leadership. It is good that you are, we need you, and I hope you are taking care of your people and yourselves.

  • Are You a Wilbury?

    Are You a Wilbury?

    At some point in your life and work, you likely developed a strong sense of what success looks like for you. You realized who you want to be, and perhaps, where you fit. The challenge for all of us, of course, is setting our course and finding our way.

  • Beyond the Pale

    Beyond the Pale

    I’m not at all sure how this happened, but I just looked up and it is the first week of June. The last twelve months have been a whirlwind of change, growth, fits and starts, and the varied experiences that make up a career and a life.

  • Things We Carry

    Things We Carry

    We all carry potential. We all carry burdens. How we explore and move beyond some of our challenges is a wonderful testament to the human spirit.

  • Want to Get More of What You Want?   Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

    Want to Get More of What You Want? Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

    Straight As won't get you very far unless you know how to get along with yourself and others.

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