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Happy Small Business Week! Newsletter

Happy Small Business Week

We as a small business understand the struggles and the happenings of the world, the US, our State, and our small local government and communities. We are all in this together and we believe that most everyone want the same things in life…love, respect, belonging, empathy, doing what we love to do, and most of all, our families and friends. At least this has been our experience these last 25 years. 

Organizations/businesses/companies can be all of the things that we cherish in life. A sense of belonging, creation, inspiration, setting meaningful direction, and so on. Employers who care about their employees encourage these great behaviors. We spend a great deal of time at work. Creating a culture of respect, inclusion, and collaboration help keep our business world thriving and fulfilling.

 We are resilient, we care about what we leave behind in this world, and we will keep trying to leave a legacy of best practices in leadership moving forward!

 We wish you and yours health and success!!

The Priority Learning Team  

The Leadership Maker

By Ralph Twombly

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  • Being Sustainable Helps the Bottom Line

    Being Sustainable Helps the Bottom Line

    Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing our society today. Recent reports show that Corporate America is recognizing that helping the environment can also mean helping your bottom line.

  • August's note from the Author

    August's note from the Author

    Here is the second installation of what will eventually be the entire book. Leaders aren't leaders without followers.

  • The Leadership Maker - From The Author

    The Leadership Maker - From The Author

    We have broken the book down into small portions in the hope that you would enjoy a quick read and get something of value for your leadership life.

  • Lessons from Covid-19

    Lessons from Covid-19

    This is the story of how our team got closer while we were social distancing.

  • Leading Through Uncertainty

    Leading Through Uncertainty

    What a time to be in leadership. It is good that you are, we need you, and I hope you are taking care of your people and yourselves.

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