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Priority Learning March 27th 2018 Newsletter

What&s New At Priority Learning

Happy Spring – It cannot come soon enough for us!

We are excited that we are offering two really great workshop series in April and in May.  

Starting on April 17th is Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence Series and we are so excited that Amy Wood, Psy. will be facilitating this 5-day series. Please see the article that Amy wrote below and call us if you have questions about this new series.

We have revamped our, what we used to call, Leadership Facilitation Series (new title will be revealed soon) that will offer the latest and greatest skills in all manner of standing up in front of an audience, whether it is presenting, facilitating, leading folks through processes, communicating to your board, or having dynamic team meetings, this series will encompass everything necessary to be successful, articulate, and practical to your organization’s need for good communicators. This series is starting on May 9th. We will be adding a new outline to our online information about this soon.

We hope you will join us for one of these series!

Thank you!

Want to Get More of What You Want? Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

Experts used to believe that IQ or Intelligence Quotient (the capacity to score high on tests of knowledge and skills learned at school) was the best predictor of success; the more facts you knew, the more likely you were to excel. But we now know that EQ or Emotional Quotient (the ability to manage yourself and your relationships) is a better predictor. In other words, straight As won’t get you very far unless you know how to get along with yourself and others.

Why? Because the better you can navigate social situations, the more apt you are to get what you want, even if you never did very well in the classroom. And this is about getting what you want, right?

Here are six ways to start increasing your emotional intelligence right now:

Take excellent care of yourself

You must be well rested to execute the self-discipline and focus required to enhance your emotional intelligence. This means making sure to get enough sleep, eat reasonably well, exercise sufficiently, protect yourself from people and environments that drain you, and keep your mind adequately stimulated. This also means breaking away from work whenever necessary to take the edge off, have fun and recharge yourself.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

The Five Most Valuable Principles

By Ralph Twombly
Set to be released early 2020

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