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Manufacturers Leadership Series


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The Manufacturers Leadership Series is a specially-designed series for managers in the industrial sector, including heavy-service organizations and manufacturers (e.g., oil industry, HVAC, service delivery of products, installation and repair). This series consists of 8, four-hour sessions focusing on the leadership, communication, and development needs along with key skills and essential behaviors for leaders of the manufacturing workforce.

Sessions 1 & 2: Leading an Industrial Workplace

  • Discover your primary and secondary leadership skills.
  • Learn your leadership limits through the Circle of Control.
  • Examine management theory and develop your own.
  • Apply leadership principles in the industrial workplace.
  • Explore the Premier Employee Model (PEM).
  • Examine the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in leadership.
  • Identify your personal EI in regard to personal and social competence.

Sessions 3 & 4: Creating Lasting Performance Change

  • Differentiate leaders from managers.
  • Develop expectations that can be used as building blocks across your organization.
  • Identify the basics of performance management and build Role Stones for performance.
  • Complete skills and behaviors matrixes for yourself and your team.
  • Deliver "Straight Talk" for both difficult and positive messages.

Sessions 5 & 6: Team Motivation

  • Learn what motivates people on the job.
  • Examine what makes your team members want to grow, learn, and prosper.
  • Identify people who are successful at work and in life.
  • Build a plan for personal development for your team members.
  • Learn coaching techniques and standards.
  • Build listening skills through passive, active, and reflective styles.

Sessions 7 & 8: Understanding LEAN

  • Experience LEAN.
  • Build process maps with others.
  • Apply the "Eight Wastes of LEAN" to work.
  • Encourage employee buy-in.
  • Choose an example case to work on as you execute your skills.
  • Recognize and eliminate Group Think and learn to get people back
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