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Innovation Series

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The Innovation Leaders Series is intended for leaders who want to help their organization come up with bold new ideas

through innovation. Consisting of seven full workshop days over five months, this series presents current theories and

best-practices for creating an innovative work environment.

Sessions 1 & 2: The Case for Innovation & Innovators vs. Innovation Leaders

  • Deal with mindset myopia.
  • Learn about the power of thinking differently and choosing between two paths.
  • Design innovation architecture.
  • Discuss how behavior, personality, and environment impact innovation.
  • Choose your culture and learn the power of leadership in innovation.
  • Learn about internal and external innovative processes

Sessions 3 & 4: Motivation and Creative Intelligence & Developing Innovative Managers

  • Use social science as a driver of innovative environments.
  • Know your creative quotient (CI) and create games to generate team insights.
  • Explore your CI competencies and build collaboration.
  • Examine five keystone innovation behaviors.
  • Develop focus, build teams and connections, and adopt the innovative process as a way of life.
  • Learn about the stealth-storming process in innovation.

Sessions 5 & 6: Sustainable Innovation Experiments and Models

  • Step into change incrementally and build disruptive creativity.
  • Develop transformational innovative processes.
  • Create the foundations for team creativity.
  • Align innovative processes with organizational goals.
  • Mine knowledge by framing, playing, making, and pivoting.

Session 7: Eliminating Choke Points and Monday-Morning Quarterbacking

  • Learn the art of Creative Confidence.
  • Build a creative and sustainable innovation plan.
  • Measure and evaluate innovative processes.
  • Share your learning through a professional presentation
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