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Influence Leader Series


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The Leading Through Influence Series is intended for established leaders and focuses on the key skills and essential behaviors to be as influential as possible. Consisting of seven full-days over five months, this series features learning modules on how to motivate, encourage, and empower your staff. Partici-pants select an assignment between sessions.

Sessions 1 & 2: Change Through Influence & Explore the Power of your People

  • Experience the biology of change and assess scenarios to improve awareness.
  • Design an environmental scanning process.
  • Use Force Field Analysis to enhance the change process.
  • Build a change statement and design a strategy for change.
  • Learn how to give your team permission to succeed and practice strategies of approach that resonate.
  • Use your influence to create a dynamic workplace environment and promote empowered employees.
  • Create internal and external networking strategies.

Sessions 3 & 4: Decide on the Best People & Develop Direct Managers

  • Determine organizational strengths and challenges within the Employee Life Cycle and design strategies for internal and external hiring
  • Make character selections based on need and build an interview guide, process, and matrix.
  • Grow continuous vitality for all workers and integrate the elements into a work-life strategy.
  • Examine what gets broken in emerging leaders and build critical conversation for growth
  • Learn to ask the right questions, omit lazy language, and create activity plans for development.
  • Explore goal-setting and discuss the balance of business and personal life

Sessions 5 & 6: Influence Through Coaching & Build a Compelling Vision

  • Redefine coaching for the influence manager and set the standards for coaching through storytelling.
  • Examine choices in coaching that will help define coaching aptitude.
  • Observe demonstrations of applied coaching and practice passive, active, and reflective listening.
  • Explore The Leadership Challenge by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner.
  • Determine visioning and how it plays in the life of an influence leader.
  • Examine ways to utilize a participative approach when creating a vision statement.
  • Use public relations and structure to ensure the success of your vision and make it a workplace reality.
  • Use the two most important employee motivators - appreciation and participation, for the best outcomes.
  • Share your learning through a professional presentation.
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