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The Facilitators and Leaders Series


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Sessions 1 & 2: Presentation Skills & Determining Needs

    • Determine facilitation appearance and behavior standards.
    • • Examine and explore your physical presence through movement, voice, and listening.
    • Teach a skill in 10 minutes.
    • Learn about the appreciative process for individuals and groups.
    • Build objectives for learning on two levels.
    • Facilitate approaches to decision making in groups.

Sessions 3 & 4: Program Designs & Material Development

    • Tell a 10-minute story about an appreciative message.
    • Develop engagement techniques for drawing an audience in and holding their attention.
    • Explore the theory and power of participation.
    • Design an exercise for a problem-solving case study.
    • Deliver a 10-miunute audience participation presentation.
    • Design a facilitator’s guide for your next project.
    • Practice using guidelines for media delivery and build materials using ROPES technology.

Sessions 5 & 6: Qualities Required & Audience Management

    • Deliver a 10-minute presentation around a physical activity.
    • Examine the Experiential Learning Cycle and deliver appropriate questioning techniques.
    • Create a model for great meetings.
    • Learn about the different personalities to prepare for all types of learning.
    • Deliver a 10-minute case study and evaluate each other’s presentations.
    • Design a PowerPoint presentation.

Sessions 7 & 8: Challenges, Templates, & Tool Kits

    • Dissect a real life example of a needs analysis for facilitation or training.
    • Explore decision-making in groups and practice processing questions to deal with difficult people.
    • Facilitate approaches to decision making in group settings.
    • • Build content for facilitation objectives and methods for a future project.
    • • Share your learning through a professional presentation.


Every session will include plenty of in-class presentation practice and creation of action plans for between sessions and the fee is $3000.00 per person.

The following professionals have shared their experiences attending this eight-day process...

"I registered for the Leadership Facilitation Qualification Series because the facilitation workshops and retreats were in the strategic plan of my business, Luma Coaching. The facilitators of this course are extraordinary: engaging, insightful and skilled in bringing out the best in each participant. They had even the most hesitant of our group presenting and facilitating like a pro by the end of the course. This course has translated into many areas of my professional life including the running of group and one-on-one meetings, consultative conversations and negotiations. If you have an employee whom you see, or need to see, leadership potential in, Priority Learning will bring it out."
Jodi Flynn of Luma Coaching

"February to July 2012, I attended 8 full-day workshops in the Leadership & Facilitation series at Priority Learning. Ralph, Lorraine and Craig are highly effective in their teaching methods; they are clearly in their element. This class has prepared me to organize and transfer information and ideas, which I can use both professionally and personally for years to come. The learnings I had during this series has helped me share, teach and facilitate within the Benefits Administration team at Delhaize America. Everything that I learned in this series is invaluable to me, as it gave me a new understanding and appreciation for my skills and abilities. Through this series I was also fortunate enough to network with some really incredible external peers. I feel so fortunate to have been able to participate in the Leadership & Facilitation series, I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their professional and personal growth. It was a lot of hard work, but rewarding and fun all at the same time!"
Testimonial From Stacey LaChance of Delhaize America

"I would highly recommend the Facilitators Series Workshop to anyone with a desire to improve their personal skill set and comfort level in group facilitation and public speaking. Ralph and his Team have put together a comprehensive program that includes all the bells and whistles one needs to become a masterful facilitator. The benefit of attending a "series" like this versus jam packed and compressed one, two, or three day workshop are numerous. It allows the participants to build new relationships with other professionals, many opportunities to truly "play" with the new tools they are learning about, and a layered way of learning that is fun, interactive, and sticks. At JMG we think we are pretty well versed at how to best optimize learning experiences for our students and I can tell you firsthand THIS IS IT!"

"The icing on the cake are the folks at Priority Learning. They say it often with words but it is clearly demonstrated in their actions that they are sincerely invested in the success of all of their participants! THANKS AGAIN FOR AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE!"

Testimonial by Katy Foley of JMG South Region Manager

"The class provided great tools to help not only present to an audience but to interact and become part of the audience as well. I found the increased level of comfort speaking to a group brought about by regular and varied presentations extremely helpful. Another great asset I took away was the ability to develop a multi-step program to educate based on the various tools provided, i.e. Three Types of Learning Styles, Outlining & Sequencing Content, ROPES Method, etc. All three tools have already been used in successful presentations to customers and work colleagues. These are valuable tools I will keep on hand in the work book and continually refer to. All in all a great class that was fun and comfortable to attend. I believe the comfort factor made the pickup of information and overall take away key to a successful and ultimately profitable learning experience. I look forward to the next one."
Testimonial By Pete Sullivan of Southworth International

"It hit me as we went through out presentations how much we've learned in the eight-class series. I can't thank you enough for the opportunity. Between all the material, practice, and feedback, I'm so much better prepared to do my job. Even though I went into the class kicking and screaming, I'm beyond grateful to have completed it under the guidance of you both as facilitating gurus. You make such a difference to me and Jotul. Many, many, thanks..."
Testimonial By Krista Irmischer of Jotul North America

"I had the opportunity to explore transferring knowledge through facilitation in ways I never would have tried. Reading and doing are two very different things. Now I walk away with experience and more confidence. A very challenging course, but soooo worth it!"
Testimonial by Betsy St.Pierre of Town & Country FCU

"I want you to know thatI truly did develop a number of skills that I use in everyday life, as well as a new and liberating form of self confidence, both from my time with Priority Learning and especially with the Facilitator Series."
Testimonial By Kandy Moreau of TruChoice FCU

"As a long time client of Priority Learning's Leadership trainings, I naturally had high expectations for the Facilitator Series. As usual, I wasn't disappointed. The content alone is enough to allow you to "step up your game" as far as facilitation goes, but the interaction of the other attendees, the encouragement, and the hands on practice has allowed me to really get a comfort level when it comes to presenting to groups and facilitating a successful session. I believe that anyone participating in the course, rookies and seasoned facilitators alike, would gain valuable information amidst a judgment free audience that can make any facilitation fun and successful."
Alison Spaulding, Market Analyst, Southworth International Inc.

"The Facilitators Series at Priority Learning, has been a great learning experience for me personally. Through each class I have not only been challenged by the content but also by the other participants. During each session, we have learned new techniques for the teaching, training or facilitation crafts and then had an opportunity to apply them with the group. As with all other Priority Learning classes the learning also happens from hearing the successes and challenges that the other students have faced, both in the classroom and in their work settings. The lessons that I am learning through this series are changing, for the better, how I approach everything from day to day meetings to our longer term continuous improvement initiatives."
Scott Clinch, Manufacturing Manager, Jotul North America

"The Facilitators Series is a very effective program which delivers the theoretical knowledge and the hands-on experience for successful group facilitation. This program should be a requirement for anyone in a position of leadership, training, or any position where strong effective communication is a must."
Rob Lombard, VP Human Resources, Southworth International Inc.

"The Facilitators Series at Priority Learning provides discussion and training on the core skills and process required to successfully transfer learning to an audience. By continually practicing these skills in a live setting and receiving critical, honest feedback provided by the organizers and other participants, this course has enabled me to better document and plan my training sessions as well as substantially improve my overall delivery abilities. This course is highly recommended and is ideal for those new at the craft, trainers with varying levels of experience or any individual with leadership desires."
Jay Hallam, VP of Training, Kennebunk Savings Bank

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