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Executive Series

This series is designed for top level managers and leaders who want to maximize their potential and the strengths of their organization through their leadership.

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The Executive Leaders Series is designed for top level managers and leaders who want to maximize their potential and

the strengths of their organizations through their leadership. Consisting of seven full day workshops, each session will

feature a forum presented by one of the participating executives series on a current business topic.

Sessions 1 & 2: Sharpening the Saw & Leadership Communications

  • Examine the latest and appropriate top leadership theories.
  • Create personal and organizational development strategies.
  • Emphasize humility as a top leadership style and experience feed-forward strategies.
  • Explore feedback and apply to communication style.
  • Examine the best techniques of top leadership communication: understand, listen, and appreciate.
  • Promote your employees’ accomplishments.

Sessions 3 & 4: Image, Executive Teams, & Business Strategy

  • Discuss the values of branding, public relations, and community involvement.
  • Identify what productivity is in your organization.
  • Discuss your organizational thrusts and examine the pitfalls of the successful top leader.
  • Recognize and break the grip of organizational silos.
  • Define risk at your organization and plan to get what is best for the organization.
  • Discuss your team values and how to share them with your organization.
  • Build a character-based leadership team.

Sessions 5 & 6: Motivate, Reward, and Model & Visions for Change

  • Look at organizational achievement and determine the flow of ideas in your organization.
  • Create and maintain a talent management system that works.
  • Design strategies for getting your employees to grow and develop.
  • Learn how to build the legacy you want for your organization.
  • Identify goal obsession and how that may send the wrong message.
  • Build participative strategies that give you critical mass.
  • Learn your 10/80/10 to maximize effectiveness.
  • Session 7: Building Cultures that Last
  • Analyze why cultural work resonates with workers and leaders alike.
  • Examine succession planning as a way of life.
  • Determine the best strategy for managing stakeholders and your board.
  • Explore your learning event and how to keep the momentum going.
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