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Direct Manager Series

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The Direct Managers Series is designed for new or experienced front-line leaders and focuses on the key skills and essential behaviors of a supervisor, including mastering conflict and building effective teams. The series consists of six full-day workshop days over five months and people walk away with some great tools to bring back to their work as leaders and managers. Participants select an assignment to work on between sessions.

Sessions 1 & 2: Core Skills, Behaviors and Mastering Conflict

  • Pinpoint the differences between leadership and management styles.
  • Experience change in real time and learn strategies to move people through it.
  • Choose a leadership style and examine leadership from different perspectives.
  • Discuss the ethics, behaviors, and expectations of a leader's success.
  • Learn about the five roots, four triggers, and styles of conflict resolution.
  • Observe and practice third-party interventions and when they are appropriate.
  • Practice the art of assertion as a way to impact power in conflict.

Sessions 3 & 4: Teams that Work & Assumptions and Mental Models

  • Experience the Impossible Team Challenge and learn about competition and collaboration on teams.
  • Determine the levels of teams, their dysfunctions, characteristics, and build a strategy and charter.
  • Build team roles and responsibilities, and design a productive team meeting.
  • Explore assumptions and mental models.
  • Discover the appreciative process and apply it to your work setting.
  • Explore business opportunities as a leader, using a business case tool.

Sessions 5 & 6: Mastering Performance & People Strategies

  • Examine performance from three angles and build role stones personally and for members of your staff.
  • Identify skills and behaviors for success and redefine performance for your performers.
  • Build a plan to help peer performance. Journey into the Employee Life Cycle and develop an initial strategy.
  • Journey into the Employee Life Cycle and develop an initial strategy.
  • Evaluate core competencies, and human need versus want. Gain commitment and connections with the people you work with.
  • Integrate goals into your work life and build good habits.
  • Practice SMART goal technology and integrate strategies.
  • Share your learning through a professional presentation.


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Direct Manager Series Testimonial


"I wanted to take a second and thank you and the Priority Team for the great Direct Manager Series. Every session gave me ideas in ways to work with and improve my staff. It was great getting to know the people in the training and to get a different perspective on certain issues. You and your team always make the learning fun, interesting and comfortable. I would recommend every manager in every type of business go through your training. Too often the people side of business gets lost in the money, and you have a great way in showing it's the people side that make a company succeed. I look forward to the next training I can get to. Again thanks for everything."
Scott Peters


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