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Job Dissatisfaction September 2009

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Job Dissatisfaction

Recently while pulling together some information, Craig found a really interesting article (see below link at The Article was entitled While Unemployment Continues to Rise, so Does Job Dissatisfaction. Intrigued by the title, I began to read and became more interested and a bit validated by the information gathered by Adecco Group North America. The information in the article confirms what we've heard since we started our business back in 1996.

Chart The work we do provides a natural opportunity for us to listen to people and their concerns. Many times people come to us because they have concerns about their career path, workplace satisfaction and engagement on top of lots and lots of life and workplace stress. This economy is stressful in itself, but the stress we see comes from more than just the economy

As bread winners we have two responsibilities. We need to be valued and be valuable to our employer and, additionally, we need to personally grow so we can be better for our future and families. This is really no different than what each company needs to be thinking right now. Again, the fog of this economy seems to be saying to some people that this is the time to stop and be grateful that money continues to come in. Please do that, but remember you can and will need to do more.

A friend and I had a discussion the other day and, during our discussion, unemployment came up. As we talked it became clear to us that we may be watching the wrong number when it comes to unemployment. Maybe we should be looking at the number of people feeling underemployed? We hear many stories about people working and feeling underutilized, under appreciated and under valued. As you read the article regarding Job Dissatisfaction it may resonate with you as it did me. For those who label our type of organization as "touchy feely" we might point out that this is the price paid by organizations for dissatisfaction.

Next month we will provide some ideas regarding things that individuals and organizations can and in some cases already do to combat this problem.

Please enjoy the article and let us know what you think. Hope you have a great September! Job Dissatisfaction Article

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