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Everybody is so nice

Written by: Pine Tree Camp
Published: Wed Jul 12 2017 21:46:12 GMT-0400 (EDT)

“It’s a big place.  It can be intimidating when you walk in.” 

That’s how Josh Brosious describes Lowe’s.  He’s worked there for a year now and if there’s one thing he’s learned, it’s that “You can’t be afraid to ask questions.  People will help you.” 

Josh enjoys assisting customers by bringing their purchases out to the car and taking care of the carts once they load up.   

He’s been a Pine Tree Camper for 20 years.  When he was 10 years old and was at camp for the first time, he remembers being shy the first day. 

“Then someone came up and said ‘Hi’ and I was fine.”

His first memory of camp is meeting friends, and that’s still his favorite part of the experience. 

“When I go to Pine Tree Camp, I see old friends and meet new friends.  I love the people.”

His advice to everyone is to “Go and have fun and talk to people.  Everybody is so nice.”

Josh’s favorite Pine Tree Camp traditions are boating, kayaking and fishing.  A major highlight for him this year was when he caught a bass. 

“It was really cool.  The water is really nice and I love doing all that stuff.”

He goes fishing when he’s at home, but when he’s at Pine Tree Camp it’s the only time of the year he has the chance to boat and kayak. 

Josh’s week of summer camp is paid for by the generous contribution of a Pine Tree Camp 100 corporate sponsor.  Pine Tree Camp never turns a camper away due to their ability to pay, and corporate contributions help ensure that open door policy stays firmly in place so people like Josh who can benefit from the program have the ability to do so. 

Josh shares the Pine Tree Camp spirit with his community every day.  Whether it’s meeting a new camper or seeing a customer at Lowe’s who needs help, he’s always happy to be the first to say “Hi.” 

Pine Tree Camp

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I love this organization and so happy to have these articles to post on our website!!