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Who Are We?

We are an organizational development consulting firm in the greater Portland, Maine area and we specialize in helping organizations throughout the U.S. deal with the challenges of change, leadership, culture, and strategy in the workplace.

We have designed customized in-house and public workshops and our programs are state of the art. We have 22 very active and popular programs to offer and we can design any program or workshop as needed.

We facilitate, train, coach, and mentor many organizations' top leaders, managers, supervisors, and team leaders to enhance their skills, while sharpening their developmental tools.

Our clients have gained comfort and confidence, and saved money by outsourcing their development, learning and training needs to Priority Learning. As a staff, we have learned from our clients and passed that learning on to others. We believe that clients know what they want and need and we stand ready to serve.

Priority Learning CARE initiative
CARE Initiative

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The word "Empowerment" has been, in our experience, a little tough to implement in some organizations. Which of the following best describes “Empowerment” at your organization…

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