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Design-It-Yourself Diagnostic

At Priority Learning we offer a variety of diagnostic tools for companies to use in order to uncover or better understand issues that exist within their organization. Sometimes though, what we already have on our website doesn't properly address the needs of the organization. Fortunately, in these cases we can assist an organization in creating a custom diagnostic that gets to the bottom of their unique situation.

We administer all diagnostics on our secure website, giving support throughout the entire process. After the diagnostic has been completed, we create a detailed plan of action for moving forward. This ensures that what was learned through the diagnostic results in actual changes that strengthen the organization. Then we maintain our support in the form of free leadership coaching.

Already have an in-house diagnostic? We can help with that too. Priority Learning can take any in-house diagnostic and administer it on our secure website.

Prices vary depending on the scope of the project so please Contact Us for more information.

The Difference Between A Priority Learning Diagnostic And An Online Survey

There are many websites, many free, that allow companies to send out surveys to employees in their organization. A survey can absolutely be a useful tool in gathering certain types of information, however there is a clear difference between a survey and a Priority Learning diagnostic. You may want to consider the following before using a survey instead of a diagnostic to collect serious feedback from your employee base.

  • When giving a diagnostic, wording is key. How you word the questions or statements has a direct effect on the quality of the feedback. Our staff at Priority Learning knows how to write and present a diagnostic in a way that will maximize results.

  • All diagnostics are administered on our secure website and individual answers are kept anonymous. This encourages more honest feedback from participants.

  • The biggest downfall to using a survey website is that although you may get enlightening results, what to do next is almost always the more challenging dilemma. The worst thing for an organization to do is to learn about a problem that exists but fail to make adjustments that effectively address the issue. When you take a diagnostic with Priority Learning, our work really starts once the diagnostic results have been compiled. Once the outcome is in, we analyze the data and create a comprehensive action plan for moving forward. Then we assist you in implementing the plan within your organization. Even after the project has been completed we continue to give support in the form of leadership coaching for your employees.

The Leadership Maker

By Ralph Twombly

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  • Update to our Workshop Series

    Update to our Workshop Series

    Ralph, Craig, Mary and I are very excited to announce that we are changing our series from 5- to 8- day workshops to 10-day workshops within a year’s time and we plan to start in August of this year.

  • Increasing Meeting Participation

    Increasing Meeting Participation

    If you feel like your meetings are not productive enough because people won't or can participate, the people in your meetings are unprepared or after meeting conversation are bigger then the meeting itself, the problem might lie in your preparation.

  • Communications


    Let’s be clear here about communication methods for leaders. Face-to-face communication is best. Not just best, it is best by a mile. A phone conversation is next best, but it is no substitute for face-to-face connection.

  • Time for a Paradigm Shift

    Time for a Paradigm Shift

    Perhaps it is time for a paradigm shift, a shift in how people think and learn about what is out there for career opportunities.

  • Delegation


    The final test of leadership is to leave behind men and women with the conviction, commitment and competency to carry on in your absence.

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