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360 Degree Feedback Assessment

Research shows that leaders who create proactive development plans to build their strengths, rather than “fix” weaknesses, are more likely to become leaders who excel. We focus all of our programs on building strengths. Please Contact Us About Taking A 360 Assessment

What is a 360 Assessment? In our case it means rating your leadership behaviors, while asking your boss, your peers, and your direct reports to do the same.

Our unique online 360 Feedback Assessment is designed for leaders who want to receive honest feedback about their leadership skills and behaviors. It evaluates how the leader performs in 5 competency categories, selected from the 14 categories we offer. Each leader will complete a self-assessment and will ask co-workers (such as boss, peers, and staff) to complete the assessment as observers. The observers as well as the leaders themselves will rate the leader on behaviors and skills within the competency areas. The assessment is confidential and anonymous (the observers' names will not be stored with the data) and it should only take 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

What’s included for only $1500

  • Convenient online rating system for you and your observers.
  • Comprehensive Summary of your 360 Assessment Results.
  • Dedicated and professional coach to guide and help set goals toward your growth and development.
  • Great resources that will help you learn and develop into a great, rather than a good, leader.

The leader will be able to check the progress of the assessment every step of the way. Each leader who completes this assessment will be equipped with a comprehensive report and a recommended individual action plan focused on the things that will have the most impact on their performance and the organization’s success. We also provide a professional coach to help the leader execute his or her plan, either by phone if location is a challenge, or by appointment to meet one-on-one.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us!

The Leadership Maker

By Ralph Twombly

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  • Why does a flourishing organization matter?

    Why does a flourishing organization matter?

    When employees flourish the company develops a competitive advantage. Employees who are engaged, committed to each other, committed to the success of the company, provide better results better than their competitors.

  • Peer Communication and Care

    Peer Communication and Care

    Often neglected and seldom really understood, consider the power of caring for and communicating with peers.

  • Communications That Can Enhance your Relationships

    Communications That Can Enhance your Relationships

    Communicating up is good for your career and for your development as a leader. When the communication pattern with your leader is strong, you will both benefit.

  • Persistence: A Vital Leadership Quality

    Persistence: A Vital Leadership Quality

    Among the many important traits of a leader, such has having a vision, communication skills and an appreciation of human potential, none is more compelling than persistence.

  • Increasing Meeting Participation

    Increasing Meeting Participation

    If you feel like your meetings are not productive enough because people won't or can participate, the people in your meetings are unprepared or after meeting conversation are bigger then the meeting itself, the problem might lie in your preparation.

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