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Priority Learning Newsletter March 14th 2017 Newsletter

What's New

We are excited to announce that Jackie will be working with us full time as of April, 2017!!  Thank you Jackie for the expertise and talents that you bring to our PL team!!

Our next Influence Leaders Series starts on April 4th and we still have a couple of seats to fill – please check out our online information if you’d like to sign up!!

We postponed our Women’s Leadership Series to start on March 16th due to bad weather and we are anxious to get started.  We have 20 fantastic women signed up and we are ready to go. We are grateful to have Stacy, Amy, and Deb facilitating this series with us!! The next series will start on Friday, September 8th and please feel free to sign up online!!

We will be starting a new Manufacturing Leadership Series (in partnership with the MEP/AVCOG organizations) and we will set up the dates within a week’s time!! Stay tuned!!

Thank you for reading and think Spring!!!

10,000 Hours

If you don’t choose to do it in leadership time up front, you will do it in crisis management time down the road.” -Stephen Covey

What would you do with 10,000 extra hours? That is 1250 eight-hour days (the equivalent of 250 work weeks, just under 5 years), or 416 twenty-four hour days (the equivalent of just over fourteen months). As you think about precious time, shouldn’t it be spent on something that you are truly passionate about and want to do really well? It might be related to your work, like improving your leadership, or something recreational, like lowering your golf handicap, or possibly some combination thereof. After all, one person’s recreation is often another person’s chore.

We all know people who spend every spare moment of their time golfing, traveling, or gardening. Others might pursue fitness, or poker, or the cello. I would be more likely to spend it reading, researching, and writing. The opportunities are endless.

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Discovering Skills for a Meaningful Career

“No offense, but I don’t need you anymore.”

Those words were music to Lillian Scenna’s ears.

Scenna exclaimed, “That’s the best thing you can say to me!”

After just a few days, Kim had settled into her new job as Assistant Swim Instructor at the YMCA and was ready to go it alone.

Lillian Scenna, LSW, ACRE, is the manager of Pine Tree Society’s Career Development Department.

“I coached her at the beginning to be sure she knew where to go to sign in, how to put things in her locker and get to the pool,” said Scenna. “Together, we created a way for her to have the cues she needed so that she could quickly do it alone.”

When she first met Kim, she could see right away that she had a higher skill set than she was able to use in the types of jobs she’d done before.

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The Leadership Maker

By Ralph Twombly
Order the book!
  • Leading Through Uncertainty

    Leading Through Uncertainty

    What a time to be in leadership. It is good that you are, we need you, and I hope you are taking care of your people and yourselves.

  • Are You a Wilbury?

    Are You a Wilbury?

    At some point in your life and work, you likely developed a strong sense of what success looks like for you. You realized who you want to be, and perhaps, where you fit. The challenge for all of us, of course, is setting our course and finding our way.

  • Beyond the Pale

    Beyond the Pale

    I’m not at all sure how this happened, but I just looked up and it is the first week of June. The last twelve months have been a whirlwind of change, growth, fits and starts, and the varied experiences that make up a career and a life.

  • Things We Carry

    Things We Carry

    We all carry potential. We all carry burdens. How we explore and move beyond some of our challenges is a wonderful testament to the human spirit.

  • Want to Get More of What You Want?   Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

    Want to Get More of What You Want? Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

    Straight As won't get you very far unless you know how to get along with yourself and others.

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