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Priority Learning Newsletter May 4th, 2016 Newsletter

What’s New at Priority Learning?

Hope you are enjoying your Spring!  Lots going on this season and lots to talk about it!

We are finally in shambles right now with the construction going on – building two new offices, a storage closet, and a conference room.  Not as bad as I thought with the noise and the mess they are making. This project should be done by mid-May and all will be back to normal and we will be in our assigned work spaces – our clients have been very patient and we thank them very much for their support!

We are getting ready for our Women’s Focus Group to design and offer the best practices in leadership that women most want and need (many of our women clients have been asking us for a series or related events dedicated to women’s challenges as leaders in the workplace). This group is scheduled to meet on June 3rd from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm and we have a team of four working on getting the outline of these three hours ready to go. If you are interested to be part of the women’s focus group on June 3rd from 11:30 to 2:30, please email me at or call me at 207-653-2552.

 We are revamping our Performance Leaders Series and will be calling it “Inspiring Tomorrow’s Performance – A Leadership Series”. We will be introducing this by way of a lunch and learn on September 22nd and we hope you will save the date…stay tuned for more info!

Our next Facilitation Leaders Series is starting on May 24th, our next Associate POP Series is starting on June 7th, and our next Direct Managers Series starts on August 9th.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss the opportunities of attending a Priority Learning series for yourself, your leaders, managers, supervisors, team leaders, and people soon-to-be in leadership positions. Our website offers all the descriptions of these series.

That is it for now...more of what’s new next month.  Thank you and enjoy the rest of Spring!!

Name It!

I enjoy telling true stories and usually avoid giving names because these stories are so real you might know who the story is about.  To that end, I will give you made-up names and fictitious businesses but the stories are very true and all end up in the power of ‘Naming It.’ If I do my job, you will start to see that sometimes it is the easiest things that really make the difference.

“It” is the issue, problem, concern, idea or simple feeling we have while we ramble, get emotional and spin into endless POP psychological or self-therapy. When someone does not succeed, the normal Emotional Intelligence defense force comes to the rescue to tell us that others, circumstances, and the constellations are in cahoots to seal our fate.  Now, that is pretty normal if you ask me.  I’ve done it and don’t know too many of you out there that have not experienced it firsthand.  The problem is that, if you linger just a little bit too long in this dark and out of your control place, it has a lasting effect.  First, you will start to believe you are a failure at some point and, second and even more importantly for your work, others will see you dodge and be sad for you or get seriously frustrated with you.  Over time your credibility will go down. 

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Where Do You Want to Be?

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.—George Bernard Shaw

I had the pleasure of spending time with all three of my children over the recent weekend. No longer children, they are young adults making their way in the world in their own very different ways. The joy that I have is in knowing their struggles (because I have had plenty of my own over the years), hearing their plans, and asking the questions that may encourage them along their paths. Sometimes they seem to appreciate my wisdom, and other times they are convinced that I know nothing of challenges that they face. They do know that I will listen, mostly without judgment, and at the very least, help provide funding for a good cause.

One of the reminders that I share with them, which is straight from the work of author and speaker Brene Brown, is that we are all “hardwired for struggle.” For leaders, this is an important concept to understand in the workplace as well at home. Sometimes it is our questions and mistakes that lead to the greatest growth. After all, if we don’t know struggle and loss, how can we ever experience gratitude for what we have? 

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Moments of Possibility

The yellowed linoleum floor was cool beneath my bare feet as I ran to the front door.  I turned the metal handle down, as I’d done countless times, as I cracked open the door and leaned out.  The air had the dewy scent of early morning and the promise of a hot, humid afternoon.  I breathed in and imagined the possibilities of the day to come.

This scene is imprinted in my mind.  I was a young girl, and this happened 30 or more years ago.  What is most impressive to me is how this snippet of memory, the 60 seconds out of the over one billion seconds I’ve been alive, stands out.  It’s a simple memory which really didn’t change the course of my life.  I couldn’t tell you what I did that day.  But there it remains, fixed, a simultaneous reminder of what is and what could be.

Perhaps it is that simultaneous “what is and what could be” that makes the memory so sweet.  We tend to think of what could be as a future goal, something that is still out of reach.  What if what could be was right now? 

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